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About Guest Room

Guest Room

Hotel guest room supplies: lobby articles, luggage cart,signage, amenity, telephone, hot pot, service cart, linen, safety box, cleaning equipment and detergents, dustbin, plastic and paper products, etc. Read more




China Hotel Supply supply shoe polisher, lamp box, flowerpot, signage, catalogue shelf, umbrella holder and other products for hotel lobby, and hall.Read more



Luggage Cart:

China Hotel Supply supply all kinds of luxurious luggage trolley and carts with the fashionable and elegant appearance, guaranteed quality and durability, the best choices for hotels. Read more




Our signage, nameplates and labels are made of stainless steel, titanium plating, chromium plating, wood and plastic steel. They can be universally used in the lobby, dining room, guest room, office and so on. We have these products vary in shapes and sizes and patterns.Read more



Room Articles:

For the room, we offer rollaway bed, key card, anti-slip mat, health scale, dustbin, service cart, rattan products, etc. The types are varied for most of the hotels.Read more




Dustbins with different shapes (round, oval, square), made of stainless steel, plastic, or titanium, have good quality and can be standing or hanging style. Any hotelcan choose the suitable type for its requirement.Read more



Housekeeping Cart:

All the famous-brand service carts are made of metal or wood, with double or three compartments, used for carrying or hanging articles and bags. Elegant design, convenient, durable and practical. It is the essential service equipment for hotel.Read more



Hot Pot:

The newest design, with different capacity, elegant and useful. The operation is simple and convenient, specially designed for the high-grade restaurant and hotel.

Features.Read more

(1) The concealed bottom is made of stainless steel, which easy heats and cleans.

(2) With clear limiting water level mark.

(3) Double safety protecting device, automatically power cut when the water boiled or the pot is empty.

(4) Designed with special strainer, filtrate impurities from water. 

(5) Made of stainless steel which accords with the food safety standard.

(6) The pot can be separated with the power base.




Telephone specially used in hotel, with multiple functions and fashionable designs. Functions: coming record, automatic dial-up, music remaining , dual voice dial-up, luminance adjusting, preset and delete number, hands-free, electromagnetic immunity. Suit for the lobby, guest room, dining room, bathroom, and so on.Read more




Different types of hotel refrigerators get the international quality certification. Beside the traditional refrigerator, we recommend you the environment friendly semiconductor refrigerator. This kind of refrigerator is based on the thoery of thermoelectric refrigeration, uses the technology of semiconductor refrigeration and specially designed dual cooling system. It is advanced in refrigeration, without freon compressor, no vibrations, low noice, low cost, durability, automatic temperature control, energy saving and environment friendly, is the new and practical product. Read more



Safety Box:

China Hotel Supply have many options for safety box. Our safety box is made of steel plate, with arbitrary password setting, different designs, easy setting and using. It is the safeguard for the guest. Read more



Hair Dryer:

Different types of  hair dryer for choosing. There are automatic or manual switch, holding type or hanging type, inching switch, waterproof design. Safe, convenient, fashionable, and elegant. Read more



Cleaning Equipment:

Different cleaning equipment for hotel, wet & dry vacuum, dust collector, polisher, shoe cleaner, retreading machine, steam engine, waxing machine, carpet loom, mightiness carpet and floor blower, high pressure jet washing machine, maintenance machine,etc.Read more



Cleaning Tools:

China Hotel Supply offer water cleaner, stainless steel glass scraper knife, floor scraper knife, stainless steel or plastic window wiper, floor bruch, broom, wire brush, etc. to supply for the restaurant and hotel.Read more




Polish liquid, aluminum products brightener, outside wall detergent, air freshener, stainless steel detergent, liquid soap, oil dispersant, toilet cleaner, carpet cleaner, etc. All of them are of high quality and efficiency.Read more



Hotel Leather Products:

China Hotel Supply can produce various quality leather products: stationery rack, serving clip, tablet, shoes basket, rectangle and square handkerchiefs box, tray, tea set box, ice barrel and other high rated products. Our leather products are with elegant texture to show classic luxury. They are the best choice for hotels to promote their grade. Read more



Expendable Supplies:

As a professional manufacturer of hotel supplies, we can offer all sorts of one-off instruments and one-off instruments accessories for various star hotels. Mainly products are: shampoo,body lotion, moist milk, cleaning cream, hair conditioner, toothbrush, fancy soap, shower cap, lady’s companion, comb, shaver, etc.. For your need of hotel expendable supplies, pls do not hesitate to contact us.Read more



Guestroom Linen:

The guestroom linen series include the following products: silk and cotton quilt cover, pillow cover, quilt core, mattress, cushion and other bedding. In addition, we also offer quality bathrobe, turkish towel, bath curtain and so on. Our guestroom linen is with multiple types and high quality. They are the best suitable products for star hotels and commercial hotels.Read more




China Hotel Supply have engaged on the field of paper for many years, offering various quality toilet-rolls, facial tissue, napkin, paper handkerchief, hand towel and other paper for guests. The package of our paper is fine and fashion. They are soft and comfortable. In addition, we can offer letter paper for guestroom, gift bag and other products. All these paper are high rated and can be customized according to customers’ demands.Read more



Plastic Products:

Our plastic products have various specification and types. Our mainly products are: fresh-keeping box, collection box, storage box, beverage box, insulated cabinet and so on. Endurable specification and novel design are the main character of our plastic products. They can meet the standards of hotels, restaurant and other places. Welcome contact us and make order!Read more