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About Food and Berverage

Food and Berverage

China Hotel Supply can offer the clients with comprehensivehotel supplies. Our products include: hotel equipment, kitchen equipment,buffet ware, beverage dispenser, barware, tableware, porcelain, glass, trolley,cutlery, linen, plastic products, etc. Read more

GAWSY Kitchenware:

Made of 18/10 and 304 stainless steelmaterial, the GAWSY kitchenware combines the European style which makes itelegant, classical, durable and varied in patterns. It is the best choice forrestaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars.Read more

Glass Rack:

Avariety of glass rack for bowls, cutlery, vegetables, dishes, pans, cups and soon. It is serviceable design, good quality, and durable usage.Read more

Buffet ware:

China Hotel Supply offerall kinds of different buffet ware, crystal marble vessel, rotatable oatmealmachine, stainless steel juice dispenser, fruit plate, barrel and bucket, boweland plate shelf, chafing dish set, beverage dispenser, cruet-stand and otherbuffet wares.Read more


China Hotel Supply supply all kinds of pancake shovel,pancake knife, pancake plate and bread sieve. And the the different material ofspatula, spoon, flour scoop, skimmer, ladle, measure jug, measuring spoons, eggknocker, baking sheet, Pizzasheet, Muffin pan, filter and other bakeware thatused for hotel bakery.Read more

Kitchen Equipment:

China Hotel Supply offers all kinds of oven,fryer, griddle, coffee stove, rice braising machine, fermentation cabinet,freshening cabinet, blender, water heater, eggbeater, microwave oven, electriccooker, induction cooker, ice crusher, meat grinder, soy sauce maker,tin-opener, beam machine, water extraction machine, soya-bean milk maker,beverage dispenser, locker, dishwasher, etc. These equipments are suitable forboth Chinese food and Western food with the comprehensive types and patterns.Read more

Service Cart:

China Hotel Supply offer all kinds ofluxurious service cart, transfer trolley, wine cart with ice bucket, cookingcart, wine and water cart, barbecue cart, cake cart, portable bar, food cart,and other cars used in restaurant and hotel. The types and patterns are variedaccording to its usage and design. They are the best choice for restaurant andhotel.Read more

Bone china:

Bone china is the combination of traditional technics and advanced technics. They are whitecolor, smooth touch together with their dignity and high quality make them bethe first choice for star hotels.Read more

Japanese Porcelain:

Japanese porcelain tableware has the flavor of Japanese dining culture. They integratethe culture flavor of Japanese yamato minzoku to cater for customers withdifferent culture and from different countries. Warmly welcome for yourinquiry!Read more

Banquet Furniture:

China Hotel Supply offer various banquet furniture, whichincluding banquet chairs, leisure chairs, folding chairs, folding tables,meeting tables, banquet dining tables, carpet, table and chair covers, transportvehicles for tables and chairs and so on. All these banquet furniture is with variousmaterials (wood, metal, stainless steel, leather, and composite material).Multiple specifications and types are available for these products. Our banquetfurniture is the best choice for you.Read more

Glass Cup:

China Hotel Supply offer various famous brand glass cups,sauce bottles, glass beer cups, red wine cups and other cups from all of theworld, such as Libby glassware, Schott Zwiesel glassware, Ocean glassware, Arcorocglassware, Turkish art-craft glassware, Italian Rona crystal glassware andCrystal glassware from Austria.Read more

Kitchen Knife:

China Hotel Supply supply various stainlesssteel or steel boning knives, fish knives, spatula, fleshing knives and so on.All these knives are made of endurable material with novel style. They can beapplied to cut, chop or shear meet, fruit, vegetable, etc.. It is convenient tostore and clean these kitchen knives. Read more

Japanese Tableware:

As a professional manufacturer of Japanese tableware,we can supply multiple types’ tableware for Japanese and Korean dinner, such asSushi tray, Sushi barrel, Sushi rack, Sushi bowl and so on. Our Japanesetableware is with fine and fashion design to show the dining culture ofJapanese and Korean. They are the necessary for Japanese and Korean restaurants.Please contact us for more details.Read more

Hotel Plastic Products:

China Hotel Supply are one of leading exporter of hotelplastic products in China.Our hotel plastic products are varied from glass rack for bowls, cutlery,coffeemaker, plastic cup, plastic disk and so on. All hotel plastic productsare strong and endurable. They are fashion and novel to meet all the requirementsof hotel, restaurant and so on.Read more

Dining Room Linen:

Our dining room linen includes various tablelinen, napkin, tablecloth, cup cushion, chair covers, curtain, carpet etc. withmultiple styles and texture. All these dining room linen can show sufficientlythe luxuriance as well as the dignity. They are really the first choice forstar hotels.Read more